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In the course of the years the Foundation Swiss-Ships has amassed a large collection of ship's photographs, further to which, it some time ago also purchased a large photo collection from FotoMar in Leixoes, Portugal.

This treasure trove containing many historical photographs we would like to share with the shipping enthusiasts amongst our readers.

Swiss-Ships Collection:
During the last thirty years Markus Berger has built-up a large collection of about 100'000 photos. He had acquired these photographs from various different sources, but to a large extent were taken by Markus himself during his seafaring career, and afterwards during his many trips to the various ports of the world. Many other photographs were presented to him as a gift by his many friends.

Note, photographs on display in our web site can also be purchased, if the copy right is with the Foundation Swiss-Ships. However, with many photographs the copy right belongs to the photographer, and we are only allowed to show these on the web site, but we are not entitled to distribute or to offer them for sale.

The professional photographer Antonio Rui Coelho Dias Aboim based in Leixoes, Portugal together with his father have photographed all the ships, which had called at the port of Leixoes since World War II, right up until the turn of this century. The photographs were also sold to the seamen on these vessels. In the span of a good 60 years the two photographers had taken many pictures of warships and merchant ships, the likes of steamers, freighters, reefer vessels, coasters, passenger ships, tankers and fishing vessels. Additionally they took crew and other detailed photos, accummulating over the years about 200'000 negatives.

Available Photos:
The ship's and crew photolist presently available for sale, can be viewed under Shiplist Ctrl-F or download it to your device.

To order the Photos:
You can order your photos under the following e-mail address:

To produce and to maintain this collection it only is to be expected, that various costs accummulate, and therefore we have to charge a small fee for the photographs. The prices correspond to the prices usually demanded in the collector community, see also our price list. We offer a special price of 5,-€ for a high resolution scan to ex-crewmember. To qualify for this offer, please send us a copy of the page from the seamansbook or a copy of the musterroll as PDF-file.

These prices are understood to be exclusively for private use and the photographs should not be misused for any commercial purposes.

If anyone wishes to purchase the photographs for commercial use, please contact us on above quoted e-mail address, we will discuss your request with you and define a price.

Delivery conditions and dispatch:
Whenever possible, we will deliver the photos by e-mail to avoid high costs for handling and posting. If anybody wishes to receive the photos in hard-copy, we have to charge the additional costs.

The original photographs and negatives, as well as the copyrights remain the property of the Foundation Swiss-Ships.

For private use, for example when a seaman gives the photograph to one of his seafaring friends, we have no objections, however we cannot tolerate the use of such photographs on private web-sites without prior obtaining our consent. In such a case it is obligatory to state the source of the photograph clearly.

In case of possible misuse we are unfortunately compelled to take all steps, including legal actions to prevent and stop such abuse.

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